Do you know that intellectual property troubles are common like following ?

・The counterfeit of popular products were sold from another competitor.

・Your beloved company name was registered by someone whom you did not know.

・Warned by another company due to breach of employee’s compliance.

・Original service name is used by 3rd party without permission.

・Infringing product was made without noticing.

Intellectual property is product specification, manufacturing method, design, company name, product name, logo mark, etc. Intellectual property can be registered as a patent, utility model, design or trademark, or protected as copyright and used.

Do you actually have this kind of intellectual property anxiety?

・ I don't understand intellectual property well in the first place.

・ I don't know at what timing I should prevent IP problems.

・ I don't understand well in terms of technical terms even if I consult with a patent attorney.

・It isn't easy to explain to a superior about cost performance for prevention and risk.

・It's difficult to consult with a patent attorney because of out of his domain.

No need to worry at IPRoom. As experienced patent attorneys support politely, you can rely on us whenever necessary. “IPRoom” is a combination of "IP", which is an abbreviation of "Intellectual Property ", and "Room". We put our thought that we would like you to eliminate the worries of intellectual property at IPRoom. If any problems, please contact IPRoom once.


  • Why Us ? Our Strength
    They are based on our performance and customer ratings. We will continue to brush up on these and aim to become a patent office familiar with customers.
  • Corporate Identity
    We clarify our business philosophy, basic policies and action guidelines. We consider these as the basis of our daily efforts and continue to grow in the future.
  • Office Summary
    Thank you for having an Interest in IPRoom. We are happy to support your IP issue. Please don't hesitate to contact us and use a contact form.
  • Top Message
    This is what I feel about the work related to IP and what I want to tell customers. I hope that you can use it as a reference when searching for a patent office.
  • People
    Introduce IPRoom member 's profile. I hope you feel the personality, too. We strive to build a relationship of trust with our customers.
  • Access
    IPRoom is located about 5 minutes on foot from JR Osaki Station and Gotanda Station. There is also parking nearby (charge).


  • Patent Support
    Protect ideas for making products. Our strong area are products, commodities, control equipment, thermoplastic resin / molding technology, civil engineering / building technology, IT systems / software, etc.
  • Design Support
    Protect the design of things (Appearance). Our strong area are industrial products, commodities, sports gear, various moldings, clothes, package labels, etc. To protect your design efficiently, we explain how you should register it.
  • Trademark Support
    Protect the naming, logo type and mark. Our strong area are manufacturing, IT, food and beverage, wholesale and retail, advertising, finance, healthcare and beauty, consulting, commerce and human resources.
  • IP Transfer Support
    If you have a patent, design, or trademark and your company name or address changes due to business transfer, merger, or office relocation, you need to make a change procedure to Japan Patent Office.
  • Foreign Support
    If you submit a patent already filed in Japan to foreign countries, or if you directly submit a patent in foreign countries other than Japan, obtain a patent in cooperation with the foreign lawyer / patent attorney who is affiliated.
  • Opinion
    We will provide opinions for business decisions, such as whether IP can be granted, a product doesn't infringe IP of other companies, office action can be eliminated or not, and second opinions.
  • Litigation Support
    We will negotiate with your competitors to solve problems on behalf of customers whose patents, designs and trademarks are imitated by competitors , and customers whose claims have been asked to withhold goods and services from them.
  • IP Project
    We support a project such as development of a product, design and naming whose patent, design and trademark can be granted, IP education for employees, and creation of internal IP rules, etc., in units of three months to six months.
  • Advisor
    Handling of IP of own company and other companies is important for corporate compliance. To pursue social responsibility (CSR) and to be a sustainable corporate management, IPRoom follow you on behalf of a non IP experienced lawyer.
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