• Why Us ? Our Strength
    They are based on our performance and customer ratings. We will continue to brush up on these and aim to become a patent office familiar with customers.
  • Corporate Identity
    We clarify our business philosophy, basic policies and action guidelines. We consider these as the basis of our daily efforts and continue to grow in the future.
  • Office Summary
    Thank you for having an Interest in IPRoom. We are happy to support your IP issue. Please don't hesitate to contact us and use a contact form.
  • Top Message
    This is what I feel about the work related to IP and what I want to tell customers. I hope that you can use it as a reference when searching for a patent office.
  • People
    Introduce patent attorney's profile. I hope you feel the personality, too. We strive to build a relationship of trust with our customers.
  • Access
    IPRoom is located about 5 minutes on foot from JR Osaki Station and Gotanda Station. There is also parking nearby (charge).

Why Us ? Our Strength

Why Us ?

  • Comprehension to customers’ business

    Based on the customer's business model, marketing and branding, we emphasize optimum timing and propose cost-effective intellectual property activities for every customer.

  • Dealing with any trouble

    Patent, Utility Model, Design, Trademark, Copyright, etc. are all handled in a one-stop way, and we look into carefully the complicated troubles one by one to find clues to solve.

  • Build a strong trust relationship

    While respecting the circumstances, situations and positions of customers, clarifying risks, we will fulfill our responsibilities as a patent attorney as long as there is a possibility of resolution.


  • Achievements for various industries

    We have supported intellectual property activities based on business models of all types of industries from large, medium and small sized companies where do not have IP department.

  • Balance of heart, technique, physique

    We don't focus on knowledge, experience, or expertise, think out of the box, and respond quickly using our unique know-how, while giving top priority to our customers' wishes.

  • Wide range of network

    We have a wide range of connections with domestic lawyers, tax accountants, judicial scriveners, social workers, administrative scriveners, partner companies and overseas agents.

Corporate Identity


  • We will respect your intellectual property and contribute to the realization of affluent lives by solving these issues.

Fundamental Policy

  • 1. Stay closer to our customers in order to be replied on all the time.

  • 2. We will provide far-seeing services without excess and insufficiency

  • 3. Create a work environment where you can consider and enhance each other.

  • 4. Appreciate the person who supports and create a win-win relationship.

  • 5. Grow as a person and contribute to the sustainable development of society.

Behavioral Guidelines

  • 1. Communicate with sincerity.

  • 2. Make efforts to build a trusting relationship through communication and consultation.

  • 3. Identify the essence and inform it clearly to customers.

  • 4. Provide services by always thinking about the customer's opportunity.

  • 5. Conscious of PDCA, continue to improve individual ability, and contribute to the organization.

  • 6. Value 5S and work to be efficiently.

  • 7. Share roles and realize teamwork that generates synergy.

  • 8. Make it a habit to make arrangements, and proceeded business well in advance.

  • 9. Comply with laws and regulations and will act as a model for everyone.

  • 10. Share with everyone by hospitality spirit.

Office Summary

  • Name

    IPRoom Co.

  • President

    Yusuke UCHIKOSHI

  • Adress

    Shin-Yokohama Arena Street Bldg. 3rd Flr. 3-7-7, Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa, 222-0033, Japan

  • TEL


  • Service

    Representative of domestic application, search, foreign application, registration procedure, litigation for patent, utility model, design, trademark, and All of IP consulting

Top Message

  • As a patent attorney for about 10 years, I met various customers, and I was able to attend various phases. From those expediencies, the most important thing for the intellectual property activities I feel is timing.

    I have not only seen many examples that missed the timing, such as "If we filed a little earlier ...", "Why didn't we investigate at that time ...", but also many examples that took advantage of the timing , such as "Let's take action while looking at sales.", "Let's investment in anticipation of market activation several years later."

    As our lives change with the times, intellectual property also changes. Therefore, in addition to intellectual property whose value has been lost, there are many intellectual property that will create value in the future, and it should also be possible to foster intellectual property and create value.

    I believe that the essence of intellectual property is to visualize and make use of the invisible value. It is my mission and pleasure to be an entity that supports the growth of our customers, both domestically and internationally, by carrying out operations related to such intellectual property.

    Best regard.

    IPRoom Co. Yusuke UCHIKOSHI


  • Yusuke UCHIKOSHI Member (Patent Attorney)



    Master of Engineering (Mech), Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan


    Project Leader for product system, Yokogawa Electric Co.,Ltd., Tokyo, Japan


    Associate, a total of two patent office, Tokyo, Japan (until the end of May 2019)


    Registered Patent Attorney


    External Auditor, Tera Probe Inc., Kanagawa, Japan (until the end of March, 2019)


    Established IPRoom International Patent Office


    Turned a sole proprietor into a company “IPRoom Co.”

  • Aki KONDO Alliance Member (Lawyer)


    2003 -

    Bachelor of Law, Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan


    Registered Lawyer


    Associate, a law office, Tokyo, Japan (until 2014)


    Established KONDO AKI law firm


    External Auditor, Cogent Labs, Inc., Tokyo, Japan


  • 〒222-0033
  • Shin-Yokohama Arena Street Bldg. 3rd Flr. 3-7-7, Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa, Japan
  • +81-45-900-5599
  • 3 minutes on foot from north exit of JR Yokohama line “Shin-Yokohama” Station, 1 minutes on foot from No.7 exit of Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line “Shin-Yokohama” Station