About IPRoom Services

  • What should I do if this is my first consultation?
    Please contact us from the inquiry form first. Please fill in as details as possible in the text of the e-mail. We will reply promptly after confirming the contents.
  • Any charge for consultation? Is it free?
    Basically it's free. Please be assured that we will inform you in advance if it is charged.
  • Is it possible to have a meeting in IPRoom?
    Possible. However, please contact us before your visit as it is necessary to reserve a meeting room. In addition, in order to make it efficient, the meeting will be basically one hour.
  • Which area is available for consultation?
    All over Japan. In the case of business trip to areas other than the metropolitan area, we would charge you the actual expenses such as transportation expenses.

About intellectual property

  • How are patents, utility models, designs and trademarks different simply?
    Patents and utility models protect ideas for manufacturing. Design protects the design (look) of things. Trademarks protect the naming logo mark.
  • When can I apply for a patent?
    You can get it even during planning. Not need to have an actual product. The rough idea is fine, so if you can prepare a business plan, product specifications, design drawings, information on competitors, and other explanatory materials, we will proceed smoothly to the application. This is same for utility models, designs and trademarks.
  • There is a product which has been already released. Can I get a patent?
    In principle, not possible. Patents are subject to something new (pre-public). The same thing applies to products exhibited at exhibitions and products introduced on blogs on the Internet. However, if you can clear some of the conditions, you may be able to get a patent, so please contact us first. The same goes for utility models and designs. Please be assured that you can get the trademark.
  • How long does it take to get a patent?
    In general, it is about half a year if you are in a hurry, or about 4 years if not in a hurry. If urgent, proceedings can be fastened, but some conditions must be met. We propose suitable timing and procedures according to the customer's circumstances.
  • Can I be profitable products if taking a patent?
    Not always. However, since competitors cannot imitate, you would have an advantage in terms of marketing. What is more, products can be promoted as "patented" or "patent No.", which gives customers a good impression. This is same for utility models, designs and trademarks.
  • What kind of risk do I have if not register the company name as a trademark?
    There is a risk that you would need to change your company name if it is registered by someone else.
  • What do you often see ®, TM, ©?
    ® is an abbreviation of Registered, registered trademark, TM is an abbreviation of Trade Mark, an unregistered trademark, and © is an abbreviation of Copyright, meaning copyright.